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' Raised Intentions '

Philip took initial inspiration from French metal caskets, drawn to the idea of a box sat on feet.  The negative space beneath the box became a key starting point. This space invites you to explore underneath and pick the piece up, rather than being grounded to the surface it sits on. Pagoda style buildings also had an influence.

raised intentions banner 16x9 web.jpg

It was important to Philip that your eye was drawn up to the marquetry, hence the raised quadrants on the lid to form a peak. The concave sides amplify this idea, slimming the bulk of the box and guiding your gaze upwards. Once opened the contrasting colours of the marquetry are continued, with the use of a soft cream leather lining. Culminating in a tactile object that invites itself to be picked up. Made from Pau Ferro, Holly and Ancient Bog Oak.  Fitted with solid brass hinges.

Bog Oak can be from 3000 to 5000 years old and is turned a dense black colour by natural minerals in the ground.

Dimensions -

18cm x 18cm x 13cm high

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A unique original piece.


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