Timber Robot Studio was set up by Philip Gay, at the end of 2021.  His aim is to produce limited edition or one off pieces of furniture and sculpture. 

Philip strives to create pieces that are tactile and intriguing, that you can feel attached to.  Often with a focus on contrast and mixed materials, creating a strong visual impact.  He makes objects that encourage interaction; and become part of our lives because of it.  He is also designing small batch homeware products, and fine timber boxes, all carefully considered to still follow the same principles.

Philip previously worked for over 10 years as a prop-maker in the UK film industry.  His work has also included window displays, models for architects, sets and models for advertising stills; and even working with toy inventors. This has given him a diverse range of skills and involved him working with many different materials.  But in 2021, Philip became frustrated that most things he made were so temporary.  He enrolled on a fine furniture course at 'Robinson House Studio'  and then started Timber Robot Studio.

All of the work on this site has been designed and built by Philip.  He finds the process of taking a concept though to realisation incredibly rewarding, building with his own hands is an important part of what he does.


How it started...