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Timber Robot was founded by Philip Gay in 2022.  Producing both limited and open editions of work, there is always a focus on making impactful pieces.  Using precision woodwork and a playful approach to design, Philip explores themes of duality, tactility and balance.  Often using contrasting timbers and textures, and mixing materials, to create collectable furniture and objects.  His work sits in the overlap between art, design and craft.

Philip worked for over 10 years as a propmaker in the uk film industry, working on such films as Star wars - Rogue one, Guardians of the Galaxy and Mission Impossible Fallout. Alongside film jobs he also worked with toy inventors helping to develop prototype models and mechanisms. In 2021 he was frustrated with making such temporary objects and retrained in fine woodwork at Robinson House Studio.

All of the work on this site has been designed and built by Philip.  He finds the process of taking a concept though to realisation incredibly rewarding, building with his own hands is an important part of what he does.  Each piece is now stamped and signed in a discreet location.

 What is Timber Robot Studio?

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