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' Less is More '

Rejecting a big box carcass, this piece was about stripping things back.  Exploring diminished forms and negative space. It was partially inspired by Art Deco’s strong shapes and focuses on creating contrast and tactile surfaces.   It's a bold form, that comes alive as the light moves around it.

Robinson House_Feb22-7236_web.jpg

The black textured legs and drawer fronts are scorched ebonised ash.  A strong contrast to the pale body of stacked boxes, both in colour and touch.  Subtle shaping to the drawer fronts only becomes apparent the closer you get, encouraging you to explore. The drawers are mounted on a push to open mechanism so every use is an interaction with this tactile textured surface. Once open the drawers are leather lined in a cream colour that is soft to the touch.  A collectors chest for prized possessions.

Limited edition of 12

Dimensions - 35 x 52 x 78cm high

Scorched, Rippled and Olive ash with Leather

Finished in danish oil, acrylic sealers and microcrystaline wax.

Available via the shop or get in touch to discuss bespoke commissions.

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