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' Invasion MK1 '

Inspired by Philip’s work in the uk film industry.  A discarded object from a film prop, was the seed of this design. Embracing an industrial / engineered aesthetic, balancing cold metal and warm timber with machine like forms.  Sharp lines and bold shapes give this piece some impact.

invasion mk1 banner 16x9 web.jpg

The toughened glass both widens the practical table surface, protects the timber and aluminium, and creates a layer of negative space.The aluminium has a radially brushed surface to create a soft sheen.  The timbers are finished with danish oil.  A striking side table for any living room.

Dimensions - 50cm x 50cm x 48cm high

Maple, Walnut, Aluminum and Glass

Finished in Danish oil

Limited edition of 12

Available via the shop or get in touch to discuss bespoke commissions.

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