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' Hammered and Pinned '

A petite coffee table, perfect to sit next to your sofa. Warm tones of copper compliment the soft oranges of the pear wood, yet with the tabletop being cold to the touch, this piece has an industrial edge.


The joints are embraced and celebrated by leaving overhanging elements, that give a little tactile treat. Choosing to show the quarter sawn flecks of the maple upward as if the orange flecks have leapt or sparked from the copper.  The tabletop is copper anodised aluminium and so will not patina with age.

Dimensions - 40 x 27 x 40.5cm high

Pear, Maple and Copper anodised Aluminium

Finished in odies oil.

Limited edition of 12

Available via the shop or get in touch to discuss bespoke commissions.

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